1.     an intuitive design process integrating human emotion simply into complex living structures.

2.    a collaborative building practice to create sustainable living solutions.
  • It’s not so much about what we do.
  • It's far more about how we do it.
  • You can’t begin to understand a person’s individual needs and desires without fully understanding them first.
  • Dreams. Aspirations. Motivations. Work. Style. Life. Love.
  • The emotive connectors that drive us daily influence our unique take on living.
  • That’s why we explore your world before we bring it into ours.
  • Discover your space’s functional needs and craft it into liveable design form.
  • We see it as a collaboration for life.
  • Our clients see it the same.

We get you_so you get us.  


  • When it comes to effective design, creativity and experience set the foundations.
  • The team at ARCO offers you this in spades.
  • A passionate melding of minds collaborating with 40+ years of industry proficiency.
  • Sustainable building solutions sit at the apex of intuitive design consideration.
  • Exist in harmony with the direct natural and urban surrounds to maximise function.
  • Enlist sympathetic design attributes to create a seamless flow, inside out.
  • Practice precision with accuracy to deliver on aesthetic detail.
  • We evolve with global trends while staying true to classic style.
  • We see it as a your complete building design to stand the test of time.

A collaboration_for life


  • ARCO offers a full suite of building design services.
  • Residential / Commercial.  
  • Site analysis / Steep Site Specialists / Engineering / Sustainable Solutions.
  • Creative Ideation / Sketches / Digital Models.
  • Materials / Finishes / Landscapes.
  • Budgeting / Documentation / Tendering / Applications / Project Management.



  • Briefing 1: discuss your building design in our office or onsite.
  • If you like the ARCO offer, we email  you a quote.
  • If approved, you sign-off the quote and pay a 10% deposit.
  • Briefing 2: a detailed on site meeting to confirm objectives.


  • Initial bubble sketches to develop the brief in more detail.
  • Coloured layout sketches to reaffirm the build.
  • Building plan / section / elevation / landscaping to fully visualise the brief.
  • Sketch sign-off.


  • Create technical building detail using 3D Archicad software.
  • Create technical building design using a 3D BIMx model.
  • Models can be viewed internally and externally on computer, tablet or smartphone.
  • This creates client peace of mind and project accuracy for the builder and trades.
  • 3D model sign-off.


  • Building drawings and plans are produced in PDF colour formats.
  • This permeates budget, build and communications accuracy.
  • Documents supplied to builders and trades for tendering and use.
  • Documents submitted to Council for approval.


  • A Development Application (DA) may be needed if the building requires covenants to be assessed and/or relaxed, I.E. building code assessment with Council.
  • ARCO manages this and includes the DA scope in the brief and budget.


  • ARCO offers a full portfolio of interior design services.
  • Residential / Investment Property / Commercial.
  • Home / Room / Kitchen / Shop / Office.
  • Space Analysis / Creative Ideation / Vision / Mood Board / Digital Models.
  • Materials / Finishes / Fixtures / Lighting / Furnishings.
  • Budgeting / Documentation / Tendering / Project Management.



  • Meet to discuss your design project.
  • Client foundation questionnaire and interview.
  • Establish budget, objectives and style.
  • If you like the ARCO offer, we email  you a quote.
  • If approved, you sign-off the quote and pay a 10% deposit.

2_Mood Board

  • Create the conceptual inspiration for the project through reference imagery.
  • Colour palette / allusions / atmosphere / aesthetic qualities / functionality.
  • Set the tone and soul to guide the concept design.
  • Sketch sign-off.

3_Concept Design

  • Create schematic scaled drawings and 3D models.
  • Floor plan / furniture layout / elevations / light.
  • Models can be viewed on computer, tablet or smartphone.
  • Discuss and changes and apply redirection.
  • 3D model sign-off.


  • Technical drawings and plan documents are produced in PDF colour formats.
  • Documents will comply with all building codes and regulatory requirements.
  • This permeates budget, build and communications accuracy.
  • Documents supplied to builders and trades for use.
  • Documents submitted to relevant authorities for approval, where necessary.

5_Budget + Project Management (TBC)

  • For client ease, ARCO can manage / procurement of furniture, fixtures, finishes, lighting / manufacturing / installation / trades management / ordering / materials tracking.
  • A quote can be supplied at the Documentation stage.
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